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ProDeliverIN CRISPR kit is a transfection reagent optimized for recombinant Cas9 protein delivery or Cas9/gRNA RNP complexes. For your gene editing applications, this reagent provides high transfection efficiency with minimal toxicity.
Why choose Cas9 Protein instead of Cas9 DNA or mRNA?
The Cas 9 recombinant protein is delivered more rapidly than nucleic acid and is fully active once inside the cells without latency period (in contrast to transcription and translation machineries required for the nucleic acids). As for mRNA, it present also the advantages of avoiding genomic integration and it’s cell cycle independent.
•    High efficiency delivery of Cas9 protein or Cas9 gRNA complexes
•    Low cell toxicity - enable to start your experiment with less cells

Название Код Цена
PIC60100 PIC60100 по запросу
PIC60500 PIC60500 по запросу

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